Become a Reseller


1.  Feature-Rich POS Software

Since, 1987, we have been enhancing the Restaurant Manager POS software with the features and functionality our customers tell us that they need. The end result is a stable and feature-rich solution that helps restaurants run at top efficiency.

2.  Unmatched Software Stability

In the restaurant POS business, the best clients are the ones that you never hear from. There’s no better feeling than selling an annual service contract to a restaurant and returning only for lunch and a letter of reference. If the hardware fails or the internet goes down, our failover and back-ups means less downtime for your client and less overhead for you.

3.  Total Market Coverage

The larger the market you serve, the larger your potential profit. Our POS systems are highly scalable and work as well in regional chains as they do in single store configurations. From white tablecloth four-star restaurants to food trucks, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

4.  Unparelled Co-Op Marketing

We offer an impressive array of cooperative marketing initiatives, including direct mail/email campaigns, print and online advertising, online lead generation, website development and more. We don’t just share the costs, we share the spotlight by promoting your company as well as our brand.

5.  Easy Installation & Training

Installing one of our POS systems takes days, not weeks. Technicians can quickly master Back-of-the-House setup procedures for menus, modules and peripherals and Front-of-the-House screen layouts are intuitive and easy for employees to learn. POS training is a snap and managers quickly master everything from changing menu items to managing payroll. Your clients will love getting up and running so quickly and you’ll love spending less time and money on each installation.

6.  Solid 24/7 Support

We expect our resellers to offer 24/7 support to their clients and we do the same for you. We guarantee a response time of under and hour and use an online help desk system so you don’t have to waste time and money “on hold” waiting to speak with our technicians. Our Dealer Services website also offers online documentation and a searchable Tech Support Knowledge Base that can be accessed at any time. Additionally, resellers support one another through an active Tech Support Discussion Board. There’s almost always a reseller online who has seen your situation before and is quick to post helpful advice.

7.  Cutting Edge Sales & Support Tools

We partner with our resellers in all aspects of their business and offer a variety of tools to assist in running a successful POS dealership. Whether it’s helping to develop a website or building an online ordering site for one of your customers, we work with you to make your company a total solution provider to the restaurant industry.


Become a Reseller